extremely brief entry, poll of sorts, feedback request

I have come to the realization that a lot of the scenarios I own are out of print as such, and this is not a major concern, if I get keepers to prowl ebay and collector’s shops and the like I am all in favor of that. But I have discovered as I tried to confirm pages where I acquired the various free scenarios of my past that several of these pages are no longer up.

I was wondering if there would be interest for me to continue reviewing scenarios that may be harder or impossible to find without my contributing to their dispersal, assuming I can find such a means, shy of emailing them on request.

I will not violate copyright and have no intention of distributing anything illegally, would only distribute things that are and/or were available for free legitimately when I found them, but I don’t want to throw reviews out that may make a keeper want to seek out a scenario only to have that keeper discover that the scenario is not in any distribution at this time.

I would appreciate feedback and any suggestions on this, email to me at mrannah@gmail.com

Should I continue to review modules that are from web pages no longer available? And if so, should I develop a system for making them available for keepers interested in reading them? I have to admit that many of them I copied from web pages have been converted to pdf format, and I have sometimes lost the original authors’ names, may have to hunt a bit to try to determine that, will always try to give credit appropriately.

This is posted on Friday morning and I am hoping to post at least one review before the end of day Saturday, as part of the latest time frame update.

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