Author’s Credits

It has been pointed out that I overlooked the authors of some of the scenarios, and I am taking this opportunity to rectify that as well as I can.

Entry 3 First Edition Rulebook,

3 scenarios – exact authorship unstated


Entry 4 Shadows of Yog Sothoth

multiple authors listed, no scenario given specific authorship


Entry 6 The Asylum and Other Tales

The Auction-Randy McCall

The Madman-Mark Harmon

Black Devil Mountain-David A Hargrave

The Asylum-Randy McCall

The Mauretania-M. B. Willner

Gate from the Past-John Scott Clegg

Westchester House-Elizabeth A Woolcott


Entry 7 Grace Under Pressure

Jeff Barber, John Tynes


Entry 8 Sixth Edition Rulebook

Specific authors for the scenarios not named


Entry 9 cthulhu companion

PaperCchase-John Sullivan

Mystery of Loch Feinn-Glenn Rahman

The Rescue-Lynn Willis

The Secret of Castronegro-Mark Pettigrew, Sandy Petersen


Entry 10 At the End of the World

Dominic A Covey/David A Covey


Entry 11 Second Edition Rulebook-Brockford House

Marc Hutchinson


Entry 12 Before the Fall

Mary-Mike Lay

Old Acquaintance-Ralph Dula

The Innsmouth Connection-Gary Sumpter

The Occulted Light-Lucya Szachnowski,Gary O’Connell


Entry 13 Curse of the Chthonians

Dark carnival-David A Hargrave

The Curse of Chaugnar Faugn-Bill Barton

Thoth’s Dagger-William Hamblin

The City Without a Name-William Hamblin


Entry 14 Plan 09 From Halloween

Flesh Festival-Victor M Aguirre

You Are What You Eat-Jason Lindsey

The faculty Party-Jon Hook

Return of the Magician-Simon Yee

Halloween Nuit-Oscar Rios

Must the Show go on?-Jason Williams

The Dead School-Paul Hebron


Entry 16 Blood Brothers 1 and 2

Vol 1

Uncle Timothy’s Will-Keith Herber

Oath of Blood,-Sam Shirley

Nemesis Strikes!- Kevin A Ross

The Land That Time Ignored-Gregory Detweiler, John B Monroe

The Mummy’s Bride-John Scott Glegg, John B Monroe

The Dollmaker-Geoff Gillan

Ancient Midget Nazi Shamans-Barbara Manui, Chris Adams

Honeymoon in Hell-Marcus L Rowland

Dead on Arrival-John B Monroe

The Swarming-Tony Hickie, John B Monroe

Spawn of the deep Michael Szymanski

Trick or Treat-Scott Aniolowski

Horror Planet-Fred Behrendt

Vol 2

Nightmare in Silence-Geoff Gillan

Chateau of Blood-Penelope Love

An Alien Kicked Sand in my Face-Kathy Ho, Lynn Willis

Alive and Kicking-Mark Grundy

El Tigre, y la Priamede de Destruccion-Marcus Rowland, Lynn Willis

The Evil Gun-Kevin A Ross, Lynn Wllis

Dead on Arrival 2-John B Monroe, Lynn Willis

Carnival Knowledge-Scott David Aniolowski

Simply Red-Richard Watts


Entry 17 Out of the Vault

Within You Without You-John Tynes

The Travesty-Chris Klepac

The House on Stratford Lane-John H Crowe, III

The Beast in the Abbey-Kevin A Ross

The Lambton Worm-Steve Hatherly

Blood on the Tracks-J Todd Kingrea

Dark Harvest-Kevin A Ross

What Goes Around Comes Around-Jeff Moeller

All Good Children-Chris Klepac

In Media Res-John Tynes


Entry 18 Twilight Memoirs

All three by Clint Krause


Entry 20 Great Old Ones

The Spawn-Harry Cleaver

Still Waters-L N Isynwill, Doug Lyons

Tell me Have you Seen the Yellow Sign-Kevin A Ross

One in Darkness-Doug Lyons, L.N.Isynwill

The Pale God-Kevin A Ross

Bad Moon Rising-Marcus L Rowland


Entry 21 Tales of the Crescent City

Tell me Have you seen the Yellow Sign (Still by Kevin Ross)

Bloodlines-Michael Hurst

Needles-Daniel Harms

The Quickening Spiral-Stuart Boon

Song and Dance-Oscar Rios

Five Lights at the Crossroads-Jeff Moeller

Asylum-Return of the Yellow Sign-Kevin Ross


Entry 22 Mansions of Madness

Mr Corbitt-Michael DeWolfe

The Plantation-Wesley Martin

The Crack’d and Crook’d Manse-Mark Morrison

The Sanatorium-Keith Herber

Mansion of Madness-Fred Behrendt

The Old Damned House-Penny Love, Liam Routt


Entry 23 the Wrong

Michael LaBossiere


Entry 24 This Old Haunted House One and Two, Big Book of Cults, Casting Call of Cthulhu

Big Book of Cults, ben counter

Others by R J Christensen


Entry 25 King of Scabs

Matt Sanborn


Entry 26 He Who Laughs Last

Dave Sokolowski


Entry 27 Cthulhu Now

City in the Sea-G. W. Thoams, Lynn Willis

Dreams Dark and Deadly-Michael Szymanski

Killer out of Space-William A Burton

Evil Stars-Keith Herber


Entry 28 the Stars are Right

Love’s Lonely Children-Richard Watts

Nemo Solus Sapit-John Tynes

This Fire Shall Kill-Andre Bishop

The Professionals-Fred Behrendt

Fractal Gods Steve Hatherley

The Gates of Delerium-Gary Sumpter

The Music of the Spheres-Kevin A Ross

Darkest Calling-David Conyers

The Source and the End-William Jones


Entry 29 At Your Door

In this book, each scenario has multiple authors listed, it is unclear if there may be single authors with a few editing to link into the campaign or each was a collaboration,


Entry 30, The Terror and Machine Tractor Station Kharkov 37

Terror-Troy C Wilhelmson

Mahine Tractor Station Kharkov-37 Bret Kramer


Entry 31 Unseen Masters

Wild Hunt-Bruce Ballon

The Truth Shall Set you Free-Bruce Ballon

Coming of Age Bruce Ballon


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